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Tired of random, confusing workouts getting you nowhere?

Fitness doesn't have to be complicated. Our small-group training simplifies things to help you MOVE GOOD, FEEL GOOD, and GET RESULTS.

Try our Team Training sessions FREE for 2 weeks!

Health & Fitness shouldn't be scary and overwhelming

We've seen how intimidating the health & fitness industry has become. At Ground Up Training  we want to help make it accessible to everyone. In our small-group "Team Training Program", we'll help you avoid the pitfalls of bad diet trends and chaotic, injury-inducing workouts by using education, motivation, and clear, simple programming to help you get from lost and frustrated, to strong and confident.

"in the past, working out seemed like an insurmountable & daunting task. Working with Guy has completely changed my fears and insecurities, to motivation and a new lifestyle."
~Natalie BSN RN OCN


Don't get lost in the Health & Fitness wilderness.
We'll give You a map. 

Try our Team Training sessions FREE for 2 weeks!

Team Training:
Personal Training, Group Setting

Do you like the focus and knowledge you get from a personal trainer, but don't like working out alone?

Do you like the community and camaraderie of group classes, but feel like you're not getting enough help or attention from the instructor?

Our Team Training Program combines the two for the best of both worlds without the drawbacks.

Like personal training, all of our workouts are designed for any and all levels, we meet you where you're at, and help you build from there, no matter where you're starting.

No random workouts

No overly complex exercises

No drill sergeants

Structured programming for specific goals

Progressive movement patterns

Education, motivation, community

The best component of group classes is the community. Working with and building towards goals with others who can share in your challenges and successes. Growing physically and mentally together as a team.

the fun and community of a group fitness class

Individualized attention of a personal trainer

specifically designed programming

All of our Team Training classes are kept to small group numbers. This allows us to make sure you get the full attention and hands-on coaching you would expect from a personal coaching session, throughout each class. 

We don't try to "confuse" you or your muscles. We teach you how to get results. You not only get live classes with access to a personal trainer, you also get a program to follow outside of class so you can keep achieving results.

join the Team

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The Ground Up Approach

All our workouts are designed in 3 phases:

Phase 1


Using foam rolling and corrective exercises to activate specific muscle groups, we build the foundation of our workout

Phase 2


Building the framework of the workout by Learning or relearning specific movement patterns and preparing the body's central nervous system for optimal performance 

Phase 3


We take our foundational movements and build  complex functional patterns for strength, power, speed, and balance

It's personal training in a group setting!

Move Strong

FEEL Strong

Sign up now for Free 2-week trial

Other Training Options

Personal Training

Personalized training session catered toward helping you in your specific fitness goals while also working toward overall better health, performance, and longevity.

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Virtual Programs

Take Ground Up Training anywhere with our online training programs. Using our app on your phone, you can follow your program, track your workouts, and other great features.

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What People are saying
CrossFit Equipment

Sarah G.

Guy helped me establish a new perspective on exercising. He has opened my eyes to things I didn't think I was capable of.

Gym Equipments

John M.

Great and intense workouts that leave me with a sense of accomplishment every time I complete a class. Guy is an awesome instructor.

Gym Equipment

Natalie R.

Coming to the gym seemed like an insurmountable daunting task. Working with Guy has completely changed my fears and insecurities to motivation and a new lifestyle.


Amber S.

Excellent workout and definitely recommend for rehabilitation. Very thorough and patient. Well planned activities that keep you engaged and motivated.

Fitness Center

Larry H.

Ground up Training is great for any age. I am 52 yrs old and feel way younger than my age since working with Guy. He is very aware of your limitations as well as your strengths.

Stef K.

I've been training with Guy for 3 years. Over that time, I've not only lost weight, I've gained strength and flexibility, and an entirely new understanding of form, function, and how your body is supposed to move.

No Pain

Just Gains

Start building your success story today!

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