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helping people move good,
feel good, & 
live good.

Expert Health & Fitness Coaching,  Education, & Support

Build a Pain-Free,
Reslient Body 

Change How You Understand Fitness

Personal Training

With multiple options ranging from in-home to virtual, we help you achieve your goals from anywhere in the world.

Team Training

The focus and attention of a personal coach mixed with the fun community environment of a group fitness class.

Remote Programming

Just looking to change up your routine to better reach your goals? Let's build you the right plan to help get you where you want to go.


We've seen how intimidating the health & fitness industry has become, making it difficult to hit the goals you want. We'll help you avoid the pitfalls of bad diet trends and chaotic, injury-inducing workouts. We use education, motivation, and clear, simple programming to help you get from lost and frustrated to strong and confident.

Structured programming 

We won't just put you onto a treadmill or have you doing burpees non stop for an hour. All of our programming is designed to work towards specific goals and build our clients from the Ground Up.


You won't just get a great workout, you'll get a great lesson. We help our clients learn about fitness and nutrition to help them build a body that will stay strong through every season of life. 

Coaches that care

You won't find any drill sergeants at Ground Up Training. We coach with passion and your success in mind. We will push you to your limits, but never through pain. 


No matter what your goals are, we will help you build a plan and hold you accountable to achieve them. 

Health & Fitness shouldn't be
scary and overwhelming
At Ground Up Training, we want to help make it accessible to everyone. Whether you're new to fitness or an athlete getting back on the field, the Ground Up Training method works for any & all fitness levels.

See what some of our clients have to say:

"Guy helped me establish a new perspective on exercising. He has opened my eyes to things I didn't think I was capable of."


"I have hypermobility and guy has helped me work out with better form while not hurting my joints. He is approachable and accommodating. He’s one of the few trainers who has never told me to push through pain or discomfort and always has adjustments and modifications when I need them. "


"In the past, working out seemed like an insurmountable & daunting task. Working with Guy has completely changed my fears and insecurities, to motivation and a new lifestyle."

"Ground up Training is great for any age. I am 52 years old and feel way younger than my age since working with Guy. He is very aware of your limitations as well as your strengths."



Start building your success story today!

Online Workout


With the help of our virtual session options we can meet you anywhere in the world. Plus, thanks to our mobile app powered by Trainerize, we keep track of your progress and make sure you stay on top of your goals even outside of our sessions.

See your full Plan

Follow & Record workouts

Set &
track goals

The Ground Up Program

The best way to achieve results is with a clear, practical, and adaptable plan.
Rather than putting you through a random chaotic workout every session, we use specific progressive programming to help you not only achieve your goals of getting stronger, faster, healthier, but we also teach you how to better understand and control your body.

our training programs are broken down into prorgessive phases:


Specific Adaptions
Add specific movement patterns and exercises that translate to your specific goals



Adaptive Overload
Add more challenges and stress to the body to stimulate muscle growth and motor function control

Building general strength & conditioning to create a base layer of overall health and fitness

Ready to build your plan?

What Else People are saying
CrossFit Equipment


 "I was surprised how great of a workout I was able to get, and how well Guy could coach my form, while working out over my tablet in my living room. Our virtual workouts have been a lifeline over the past year."

Gym Equipments


Great and intense workouts that leave me with a sense of accomplishment every time I complete a class. Guy is an awesome instructor.

Gym Equipment


Guy was an amazing trainer! Not only did he help get me into better shape before going abroad, but he crafted workouts I could do on the go that fit my body specifically. He also taught me a lot about ways to stretch out, roll out, and chill out through exercises. He is incredibly passionate and kind to his clients, and the results speak for themselves. Nothing but good things to say!



Excellent workout and definitely recommend for rehabilitation. Very thorough and patient. Well planned activities that keep you engaged and motivated.

Fitness Center


Being an athlete my whole life I figured I knew it all...or just about all there was worth knowing in terms of conditioning and dieting. And yet everyday I work with Guy, he has found a new way to push my limits


I've been training with Guy for 3 years. Over that time, I've not only lost weight, I've gained strength and flexibility, and an entirely new understanding of form, function, and how your body is supposed to move.

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