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Personal Training


1-on-1 Training

Personalized training session catered toward helping you in your specific fitness goals while also working toward overall better health, performance, and longevity of the body.

Intense Workout

Team Training

Small group classes, capping at 4 people, with all the great benefits of a group class - fun, hard work, community - but without losing individualized attention you get with 1-on-1 training. 

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Remote Training

Work with Ground Up Training anywhere with our online training program. Work with us in virtual sessions or purchase a program to follow on your own. 


Core Fitness

Group Training

Get a great workout and have a blast in a Ground Up Training group workout. You can join an existing group class or schedule a private group class. Great event for friends, family, wedding parties, and more!

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Corporate Fitness

Studies show that employees work best when they are happy and energized. Showing them you care about their wellbeing can also boost productivity. Set up a group fitness class and watch morale soar. 

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