Ground Up Training Pandemic Membership options updates

Ground Up Training membership options are changing

As we continue looking towards the future of Ground Up Training and begin to focus on growing classes, expanding our services, and creating the best experience possible, we must also start adjusting our reduced pandemic rates to bring them closer to our current rates. We will do this over the next four months as follows:

  • Pandemic rates ($150 / month for unlimited classes) will increase twice at increments of $25.

  • This first increase will occur on the first of May, bringing the new total to $175 per month. 

  • The $150 plans will expire instead of renewing on their "next payment date" during the month of May and members will need to sign up for the updated plan (OR members will have the option of adjusting their classes per week).

  • The second and final increase will occur on the first of July, bringing the new total for unlimited classes to $200 (OR members will have the option of adjusting their classes per week).

  • All members currently under pandemic rates will enter new "Foundation Memberships" with pricing closer to our current rates, but still slightly discounted from our current pricing. 

  • For example, our current Unlimited Class Membership costs $260 per month for new members, but for Founding Members (which you are since you've been with me since the "old days"), an Unlimited Class Membership rate will be $200, a $60 discount from the full, new member rate.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to reach out! We're always here to talk through any obstacles that may arise and to make adjustments on our end to ensure your success.

  • Current Plan

    Pandemic Plan Rates

    Every month
    This is a grandfathered plan created during the pandemic.
    • Unlimited Classes
    • Access to the Ground Up Program
    • Access to the Ground Up app
    • This Pricing Rate Expires April 30th, 2022